The Wedding Vows and Ceremony

Wedding Vows and Ceremony | Photo by Christine Arnold

Your wedding vows and the ceremony itself is the single most important part of your wedding day!

The vows you exchange have more importance and significance on your wedding day than the photography, the cake, the flowers, the catering, the bridal gown, the attire of the wedding party or even the theme of the wedding.

No matter how short or how long your wedding ceremony is, this is the heart of the day and the purpose for the celebration. The words that you exchange reflect the foundation of your relationship, the substance of you and your story together. The promises that you make to each other during the ceremony create the guiding lights for your marriage and your life together.

Although there are many variations for the wedding ceremony from traditional to contemporary modern, vows can honor many different cultures, religions and be simple or elaborate. The elements of a wedding ceremony are mostly universal and can be modified or simplified, but the key requirements are :

  • The Welcome
  • The Declaration of Intent
  • Wedding Vows
  • The Exchange of Rings
  • Blessing and/or Reading
  • The Pronouncement

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