Renewal of Vows

If you have been married for many years together, without a doubt, you will have enjoyed the highs in life, as well as overcome the challenges. In the process, you have grown individually but, most especially, you have grown even closer together. In a heartbeat, you would do it all over again!

Whether it is some five years together or as many years as sixty or even more, a special anniversary of your marriage is a wonderful time to renew your vows. In renewing your vows, you are celebrating your years and life together and you can share this joy with your family and friends.

This ceremony can be performed by exchanging the same vows as you originally did, or they can be embellished or simply have new vows created to reflect you and where you are today in life.

After you have exchanged your re-commitment to each other, exchanging rings to honor this special moment in your lives is a nice way to complete the ceremony. Using your original wedding rings which could be engraved with the date of the renewal is a nice touch, alternatively having new rings to mark the occasion is just as nice.

The renewal of your vows is a special, personal ceremony. It can be as small or as large as you would like, it can even be completely private with just the two of you and someone to officiate. Perhaps some of the original wedding guests or wedding party can be with you to share this occasion. This is a ceremony that you can plan and create just as you would like it to be. After which, a celebration to reflect the ceremony as well as all your married years together is a perfect way to celebrate all that has been and all that will be.

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