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“We are eloping!” she shared with me excitedly over the phone.  Oliver and Pattie are from Boston, both have successful careers, an established life and many friends and family shared between them.  Once the news of their engagement was official, then the expectations, suggestions, discussions and more began regarding their wedding………all of which, escalated in the following weeks.   During a get-a-way romantic weekend they came to the decision that their “wedding” was getting out of hand and the cost was seemingly already exceeding their budget, worse still, they themselves were becoming stressed by trying to keep everybody happy.

Whilst relaxing away from a chilly Massachusetts, they deliberated as to whether or not to just cut back to a much smaller size wedding but then the elimination of which guests, wedding party and traditions created further dilemma.  Looking out over the stunning desert views from the house they had rented, in a warm November Palm Springs, they decided right there and then to “elope”! 

The next day they called me to inquire if I could help and if I was available on the date they wished to elope which was the anniversary of their engagement.   We met briefly the following day, the arrangements were confirmed and Oliver and Pattie booked the same house for their elopement ceremony which was to be some five months later.   

In April of this year Oliver and Pattie were married, the photographer was their witness, they were very happy, relaxed and enjoying their experience.  They left a few days later for their honeymoon in the Bahamas before returning home.  In the summer they had a huge party with friends and family to celebrate their marriage.  During the celebrations they shared pictures and a video of their romantic wedding ceremony, their honeymoon and their coming home to a new house and puppy…….all of which were possible because they opted to elope instead of having a lavish wedding with all that it entails before and after.          

Oliver and Pattie are not alone!  There is a growing trend now with couples deciding to elope.  Eloping today is so different from that of years ago.  A definition for the word “elope” is “to slip away” or “to escape”.  Years ago it was somewhat of a furtive decision, but today, for those who decide to elope, it is a great option and choice with many benefits. 

An elopement can be spontaneous or planned, sophisticated or simple.  There can be one or two attending or none at all save, of course, for the officiant!  I have officiated elopements for couples with no others present, or a parent or two, a friend or two, or perhaps even a very small intimate group.   Getting married is a huge step for any couple whatever their circumstances, age, or home roots.  This year alone, I have officiated several elopement wedding ceremonies for couples living here in the desert, from Australia, Canada, Europe and California.   What ever is desired, planned or created for an elopement ceremony, if this is an option you are seriously thinking of know that, without a doubt, it will be a beautiful, seamless ceremony, a ceremony that will reflect you as a couple, your love and your life together.  It has been said that “a wedding is a day but a marriage is forever”.   With this in mind a wedding can be costly in many, many ways!   An elopement, on the other hand, need not be and can be a wonderful, romantic experience that you will treasure and cherish always.

Call me at 760 327 5927 if you wish to discuss the option of your eloping to get married!

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