… is a Palm Springs aficionado who is also a Wedding Officiant servicing the Greater Palm Springs area and throughout California.

"It is a very special time for a couple as they prepare for their Wedding Day preparing to exchange their chosen vows and their commitment to one another."

"Giving time to the couple to help them in this preparation of their nuptials is a great pleasure and, when the wedding day arrives and the moment of the actual marriage ceremony commences, as the Minister officiating this ceremony, I am very aware that this expression of love is a very personal, intimate moment."

"It is, therefore, a great honor and joy to perform this personal, unique ceremony for the couple uniting together two hearts and two souls through the ceremony of marriage in front of their family and friends."

Sallie Albertina, Wedding Officiant, [telnumlink](760) 327-5927[/telnumlink]

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Sallie Albertina
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